Things to Do in Dee Why NSW

If you like being outside, adventure, and taking in everything nature has to offer, then Dee Why NSW is the place for you. Read on for some of our top recommendations about how to spend your day in this special part of Northern Beaches.

Stony Range Regional Botanic Garden, Dee Why, New South Wales 2099

Dee Why Beach

Dee Why Beach Sydney is synonymous with sun, surf, and sand. Whether you’re planning to catch some waves or you just want to soak up some sun, Dee Why Beach is the place to do it.

This beach features public toilets, showers, picnic tables, a BBQ area, and plenty of other public amenities to make sure that your day in the sun is a great one.

Dee Why Lagoon

Feeling adventurous? Dee Why Lagoon Sydney is a beautiful place to take in some amazing views, snap breathtaking photos, and see some of the best nature that Dee Why NSW has to offer. Take in some fresh air, and try to spot some local marine life while you’re out there.

If you’re already at the beach, walking out to the lagoon is definitely worth the time. It’s only a short walk, and there’s a lot of interesting wildlife and plant life to see.

Stony Range Regional Botanic Garden

If the adventure of surfing and hiking doesn’t call out to you, maybe a peaceful picnic in this beautiful garden will. Stony Range Regional Botanic Garden offers an impressive display of gorgeous flowers and other native plant life. Take a moment to slow down and enjoy the calm atmosphere that this garden offers.

The garden’s main circuit takes about 20 minutes to walk, and its Sensory Garden offers a comprehensive perspective of Australia’s bush wildlife. There you can experience the garden with all of your senses for a truly unique experience in nature. The garden is also available for rental for weddings and other small events.

Walter Gors Park

This stop is perfect for the whole family because everyone can get what they want; parents can enjoy sitting and relaxing in any of the well-kept green spaces while their kids run through the water gardens. In addition to picnic areas and outdoor cooking facilities, there is also a playground where kids can play freely and blow off some steam.

Walter Gors Park was recently renovated (in 2017), and this has allowed for more green space and relaxation areas. Whether you want to have a cookout or you want to give your kids something fun to do outside, this park is great for everyone.

Long Reef Headland

When it comes to having a great walk or run in Dee Why NSW, nothing beats the trail at Long Reef Headland. This coastal path is beautiful to look at, but be sure to take the necessary precautions against the sun if you plan to add it to your itinerary.

You’ll start out at Dee Why Surf Club, and from there you’ll pass by Dee Why Lagoon and Long Reef Beach before ending up at Long Reef Headland. It may be tiring to cover this 5k under the sun, but the views are definitely worth it.

Michaela Howie Playground

This playground is the preferred spot for local kids and visitors alike. It’s great for entertaining little ones with a lot of energy, but it also offers plenty of shade for when they’re all played out. When it comes to having an active, playful day, it has all of the playground essentials: slides, a swing set, climbing gear, and more.

While the kids play, you can catch your breath and have a picnic at the well-placed eating area. These tables overlook Dee Why Beach, so you can have a nice backdrop as you eat lunch. Let’s keep Dee Why Rubbish free so be sure to put any waste in the bin before you leave.

Walter Gors Park, Dee Why Parade, Dee Why NSW 2099