Where to Find Return and Earn Stations In Manly

Return and earn is a scheme aimed at cleaning New South Wales by eliminating the 160 million drink containers that litter the environment annually. There are container deposit sites that are designated for the collection of bottles. They are known as Return and Earn Stations.

Anyone in Manly who has old, used cans, bottles, and cartons in their yards can return them to designated return and earn stations and earn a few coins. For every eligible container you return, you get a refund of 10 cents.

Return and Earn Manly NSW

Return and Earn Stations in Manly

At Ku-ring-gai Skip Bins we are proud of the fact that 80% of the rubbish we collect ends up being recycled, we firmly believe this dedication to the environment is one of the reasons why we are the #1 company for skip bin hire Manly. We proudly support the Return and Earn scheme and have put together this article to assist with promoting it in the Manly region. So, where are the Return and Earn Stations in Manly? Good news is, we have the locations right here for you!

Manly Return and Earn Stations can be found at:

  • Manly Mini Market – 77 Addison Road, Manly NSW 2095.
  • Manly Blue Store – 59 Birkley Road, Manly NSW 2095.

Return and Earn Eligibility Criteria

Eligible drink containers mostly include 150ml to 3-litre containers that are primarily found in the litter stream. Containers should be empty, unbroken, and with the label still attached. Container materials that may be eligible for a refund include:

  • Glass
  • Plastic- HDPE and PET
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Cartons- Liquid paperboard

Containers that can’t be recycled do not qualify for a refund. They include:

  • Plain milk or other milk substitute containers
  • Flavoured milk containers that hold a litre or more
  • Glass containers used for wines and spirits
  • Vegetable juice and other pure fruit containers
  • Casks for holding water or wine of 1-litre size or more
  • Registered health tonics
  • Sachets for holding 250 ml wine or more
  • Containers for concentrated fruit and cordials

Benefits of the Return and Earn Scheme

The local community and the environment will both gain some benefits from the Return and Earn Scheme. Here are some of the anticipated benefits in the next few decades:

  • 12.6 billion more beverage containers will be recycled
  • 1.6 billion fewer beverage containers will litter the state
  • 11 billion fewer containers will end up in landfill

Additionally, it will save the state, local agencies, and community groups hundreds of millions used annually to manage litter. This money can be sent to other things like the recent initative to reduce waste at Manly Dam. Taking away the piles of containers from the environment will improve the natural habitat for terrestrial and marine wildlife as well as human health.

Cash Refunds in Manly

Cash refunds are available from over the counter return points in Manly Mini Market and Manly Blue Store.

To claim your refund, take your containers to any of these stations. After you have returned the containers, the person in charge will verify their eligibility and hand you 10 cents per bottle. Returns of more than 1500 containers will require you to provide your identification and sign a declaration form.

Over-the-counter sites are great for returning smaller quantities of containers such as 100 or less. As you transport your bottles, make sure they are in a recyclable bag that you will take back home. Make sure that the bottles are eligible and that you have emptied all the liquid they may contain. Also, visit https://returnandearn.org.au to check on the opening and closing hours.

Return and Earn Station NSW