History of Ryde NSW

Ryde NSW sits on the banks of the Parramatta River and is considered part of the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. The town’s present-day name came into use in the 1840s. It is said to be named after Ryde on the Isle of Wight. This belief might be because G.M. Pope – one of the early settlers in the area – originated from the Isle of Wight. Prior to that, Ryde was known by its Aboriginal name, Wallumatta. Ryde New South Wales is considered a separate suburb from North, West, and East Ryde. Before we get onto our article, please give our staff a call if you are looking for the best prices on skip bins in Ryde.

782 Victoria Road Willandra, Ryde

782 Victoria Road Willandra, Ryde

Grants and Settlement

The first land granted in Ryde NSW was along the northern riverbank, between Sydney and Parramatta, on 3 January 1792. It went to eight marines. Hence, Governor Philip named it the “Field of Mars” as a nod to the military settlers.

Further grants to emancipated convicts soon followed, slightly further east, in February 1792. This settlement originally earned the name Eastern Farms, but now is known as Kissing Point. More grants got issued in 1795 – 1800, with settlements ranging in size from 30 to 100 acres. By 1803, most lands along the Parramatta River had been granted.

Ryde Heritage Listings

Like similar settlement regions of the era, Ryde has numerous buildings and heritage sites to explore.

  • 782 Victoria Road Willandra, Ryde NSW: A listed homestead and community facility designed by William Weaver and built by James Devlin, 1841-1844.
  • 808-810 Victoria Road, Ryde police station: Built in 1837 by David Taylor and Messrs Brodie & Craig, this is a heritage-listed building.
  • 813 Victoria Road, Addington House: Also known as New Farm, this is a former farm and residence. Built between 1794 and 1841, it currently is listed and operates as a community facility.
  • 817 Victoria Road, The Retreat, Ryde NSW: A heritage-listed cottage built in 1843 by Isaac Shepherd.
  • 46 Church Street: St Anne’s Ryde Anglican Church and Cemetery

Ryde Commercial Areas

Although located a close 13km from the Sydney central business district, it has its own central commercial district and local government area. Top Ryde generally is considered the commercial hub of the suburb. Top Ryde City is a major shopping centre and retail park built on the intersection of Devlin Street and Blaxland Road. Here, you’ll find numerous shops, cafes, together with the Ryde council offices and the municipal library. The area is also well known for various trades such as local electricians, construction companies and medical manufacturers just to name a few.

2016 Census Demographics

The results of the 2016 Census indicate a population of 116,302 people in the local-government area of Ryde. The population comprises 48.6 p per cent males and 51.4percent females. The Aboriginal population and Torres Strait Islander people make up about 0.4 per cent of the population, with the average population age being 36 years.

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813 Victoria Road, Addington House