Our Favourite Nature Walk In Manly NSW

We love the environment, that is why we ensure 80% of waste we collect gets recycled. We are proud to be one of the leading companies for skip bin hire in Manly because we love the area having grown up there ourselves. We wanted to post this article to share our thoughts on one of our favourite areas to explore.

If you’re looking for an exciting excursion in nature while in Sydney, we highly suggest that you visit Manly-Warringah War Memorial Park, more commonly referred to as just Manly Dam. The park is located in a serene bushland valley. The area is well-known for the biggest freshwater lake in Sydney which was created when Curl Curl Creek was dammed in 1892.

The views you can see from the park are spectacular – take in beautiful scenery on both sides of the dam. The park is well-managed, particularly along the walking track. If you visit on any regular day of the week, you can find plenty of parking, both on the street or in the car park.

Manly-Warringah War Memorial Park

How to Get There

If you’re driving a vehicle in Manly Vale then drive to the end of King Street to find the small parking area. While it’s normally not full, you can easily find parking somewhere along the suburban streets nearby if it is.

Alternatively, you can catch a bus to reach the area. There are several buses that run to North and East 142, West 169, and South 132. The closest bus stops to the area are a short circular walk to the Manly Dam walking trail, which adds about a half an hour to an hour to your total walking time. Note that there are also links to the park from the ‘Harbour to the Hawkesbury’ walk, and from the coast.

Manly Dam Walk

The Manly Dam walk is classified as a medium grade and moderate walk. The total distance of the track is 7.3 kilometres. The time it takes to walk the entire trail takes approximately three hours. You can expect to walk along a formed track with some steep parts, quite a few steps, and some obstacles. Parts of the trail are used by mountain bikers, so be wary while on foot.

The 7.3 km nature walk is truly a hidden gem. You can find peaceful BBQ and picnic areas as you make your way around the scenic views of Manly Lake.

Enjoy Manly!

The Manly Dam walking circuit is a great day out for couples and families. While the walk can take a long time, it’s not hard on most people physically.

One of the best parts of this the Manly Dam walk is that you don’t have to do the whole circuit. You can simply decide to go up to the lake and have a picnic, water ski, or go for a swim. You can also travel the trails without the worry of coming across litter: we care for the environment and ensure 80% of the rubbish we collect is recycled.

Although you should familiarise yourself with the track before you depart to ensure you don’t get lost, the track is an easy way to exercise and have fun in nature.

Manly Dam